About Us

United International University - (UIU) is one of the renewed private university of Bangladesh. The vision of UIU is to become a center of excellence in teaching and research in the South Asian region and produce graduates with excellent and extraordinary intellectual, creative, technical, moral and practical skills at the highest possible degree with undiminished human values. UIU has Department of EEE(eee.uiu.ac.bd) and Department of CSE (cse.uiu.ac.bd) in the Engineering field. As a most promising Department in Bangladesh, department of EEE is trying to create, preserve and gather knowledge in the field of Electrical Electronics and Computer Engineering and thereby contribute to the socio-economic development of Bangladesh as well as the world and Department of CSE is one of the fastest growing department in the field of networking, software development and artificial intelligence in Bangladesh.

UIU is renowned for its research on Renewable Energy but it's time to set the level of excellence in something different. In recent days students of UIU practicing with robotics and embedded system. Designing mars rover has become a common practice for those universities, who are working in robotics sector and now a days University of Rover Challenge (URC) and European Rover Challenge (ERC) is the most prestigious competition in this field.

The University Rover Challenge (URC) is an annual international competition hosted by the Mars Society for University and College students to complete a given scenario using a rover the team has built. The competition takes place at the Mars Desert Research Station, outside Hanksville, Utah. The competition is running under the basic assumption that the rovers being designed as assistive rovers for a manned mission to mars, and as such, are allowed recharge times between events, and are allowed un-delayed radio communications with the team running the rover.

A special thanks to Mr. GMA Ehasn ur Rahman, Assistant professor of UIU for his advice and relentless support, gave us courage to involve with this project.