We design and build the next generation of Mars rovers that will one day work alongside human explorers in the field.

Nowadays Rover Challenges of Mars Society is the most in vogue competition for those teams of the universities who work on the embedded system and are fervent about elevating the idea of robotics. The University Rover Challenge (URC), The European Rover Challenge and The Uk Rover Challenge is an annual international competition hosted by the Mars Society for University and College students to complete a given scenario using a rover the team has built. The competition is running under the basic assumption that the rovers being designed are assistive rovers for a manned mission to mars. The teams are allowed recharge times between events, and are allowed un-delayed radio communications with the team running the rover. Discussing our project status we must say we have thrived really well from our earlier working state. Our first work was on designing the prototype of the rover, then our ongoing work was on tuning and modifying the model whilst bearing in mind the accuracy and attested it by our faculties and expert help. Now our rover is very well defined as per it is expected. Proceeding from that our chassis is contrived of a rocker-bogie system which gives an auto suspension to the whole rover while traversing on a hill or travelling on a rough terrain. We build a new type of wheels approaching a very popular method called Terramechanics and have used fiber inside the wheels to make the rover weight efficient. The power banks are made separately so that power failure in one part of the rover cannot affect other parts. The electronic system is a single portable package with smart cooling system which is very efficient of use. The initial design of the rover arm has been modified from 4 degree of freedom to 6 degree of freedom; in addition to that we have used servo motors instead of dc motors in the hand. For better ease of operation it can rotate up to 360 Degree.

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